In October of 2014, Terndrup and Belcham presented “Debut”, an experiential narrative following a group of teenagers as they break into an abandoned building on the evening of their senior prom.

Seven dancers and sixteen musicians lead an audience of 200 through a shifting landscape of light and sound, actively transforming as the night progressed through multiple paths to the finale.

Selected praise for “Debut”:

John Sherman (Brooklyn Magazine): “Debut was absorbing in its power, its hairpin turns of emotion and orientation, and beautifully delicate in its “shifting proscenium” arrangement. Wandering through the dark, the viewer may feel like a ghost, eagerly peering into the lives of the well-lit living. The show’s atmospheric richness and scenic depth is a hallmark of Terndrup and Belcham’s artistic vision, one we can only hope to see and experience more of, whether at the Knockdown Center or anywhere else they may decide to grace.”

Haylee Bridgewater (BORO Magazine): “A collaboration that is set to blow your mind.”

Tara Sheena (Hyperallergic): “Movement that seemed to explode from within them against the work’s booming original music… boundless energy… lucid fluidity.”